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B2C lead generation is the process of converting people into B2C leads. Leads are people who have an interest in your business, evidenced by some action they took on your website, such as signing up for emails or requesting a quote.

B2C lead generation includes creating awareness, providing information about your product to prospects during the buyer’s journey, and converting them into customers, either inbound or outbound.

B2C lead generation

How does B2C lead generation work?

To properly understand B2C lead generation, we need to analyze the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is a model used to represent the buyer’s journey from awareness of a product or service to purchase.

Imagine a funnel, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Now imagine that funnel filled with water, but imagine that each molecule of water is a potential customer.

Near the top of the funnel, users are much more abundant, but they are also the furthest from converting. Users at the top of the funnel have likely never heard of your company. Your goal is to get those users to the bottom of the funnel, where they will make a purchase.

The thing is, almost no one will get from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel in one move. First, you have to get people interested in your business by getting them to the middle of the funnel. Only then will you have a chance to persuade them to buy.

That’s the idea behind lead generation. The ultimate goal is to drive conversions, but the only people you can successfully convert are B2C leads, so you have to get users to that point first.

B2C lead generation strategies for your business

Lead generation is a fairly simple concept to understand, but no overview of B2C lead generation would be complete without talking about what you can do to convert people into B2C leads. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tactics you can use to generate leads.

Here are five B2C lead generation strategies for your company to try.

Use gated content

Gated content requires email or contact from your lead in exchange for valuable resources. It can be an ebook, video tutorial, article, etc. Your sales and marketing teams should know how to collect leads’ email or mobile numbers through gated content. This way, you generate leads and sales.

Making video content

People love visuals, so video content is in high demand. Video content is more engaging than any other form of content. It is more practical, interactive, and often relatable to the audience, especially in whiteboard animations or explainer videos.

To generate leads, you must produce high-quality, engaging video content. Try creating:

  • Social media reels for Instagram/Tiktok.
  • Demos with whiteboard animations. 
  • How-to videos
  • Video ads 
  • Short explainer videos for a complex idea
  • Tips and tricks

They are leveraging content marketing and SEO.

Content marketing and SEO can be a win-win situation for B2C lead generation. You can provide quality content for a website and social media platforms to generate leads. Work on your keyword research strategy to find the highly researched and low-competition keyword group. 

Incorporate the keyword plan and content strategy into your marketing efforts to rank better in search engines. Run organic campaigns that are useful to potential customers. Be sure to modify the strategy, from time to time, for better results. You can optimize web pages according to Google’s search algorithm. Pay attention to the three main aspects of on-page SEO when designing your strategy;

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO 

Paid advertising

While organic campaigns are great, you can invest in PPC ads to boost your marketing efforts. Marketers need at least eight touch points to make a sale, meaning customers need to see your ads, visit your website, read an email, engage with social media posts and fill out a form, etc., to make a decision. 

Investing in paid advertising speeds up the overall B2B sales process by giving your target customers more opportunities to reach your brand. That’s why most brands and businesses invest in PPC ads on Google and social media platforms that can generate leads. You have to make sure that the ads are attractive and engaging. Once you run a marketing campaign and collect leads, you can run another campaign to convert those who visit your website into customers. Retargeting campaigns get a high conversion rate.

Personalize your email and social media marketing campaigns

Your customers live in a world bombarded by many ads from different brands. That’s why it’s essential to include personalization in your emails and social media. Personalized emails grab the attention of potential customers and increase the open rate. It is the best strategy to capture leads through email.

You can use all possible media platforms for B2C lead generation. It is important to provide quality content in email, social media sites and lead generation campaigns.

Social listening

Social media listening is another excellent source of lead generation tool for your company. You can analyze conversations and trends around your industry and then use the insights to run effective marketing strategy.

Use chatbots

Chatbots allow you to save valuable time and free up time you would otherwise spend making important business decisions. A chatbot acts as an assistant and can respond to your customers’ queries 24*7.

They are AI-backed automated tools that guide customers when you are unavailable. You can use such bots on social media platforms and websites to collect leads for your business.

Use analytics

Data is valuable and allows you to make effective business decisions. Take advantage of analytics tools for both social media and the website. Study your social media and website statistics to drive your next lead nurturing campaigns.

You will always go right with your business decisions based on analytics and data sets.

Trial promotions

Offering something free while your potential customer is still on your landing page or website is excellent. It’s effective, especially when your customers are coming to your website organically. Since your lead is already in the sales funnel, you can help them move forward by offering them something relevant to their needs.

Offering a free e-book, newsletter subscription, or coupon will instantly propel your customer to the next level of the sales funnel. with lead generation forms These trial promotions can help you design a successful long-term B2C lead generation strategy.

How to generate B2C leads?

There are many B2C lead generation strategies for your product or service. These ways fall into two marketing approaches. Inbound and Outbound.

Inbound B2C lead generation


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is optimizing your website to appear in Google’s organic search results. SEO contains many factors, including keywords, quality content, backlinks, and more. It’s a long-term process, but once you get to Google’s first or second page, you can generate significant leads and sales. Your potential clients will visit your website and contact you about your products and services.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about creating quality content and sharing it with your potential prospects to create awareness and help or educate them. For example, you can create a blog, YouTube channel, or ebook to share solutions, best tips, and techniques for your target audience’s problems. In exchange for this resource, you can ask for their contact details and email addresses.

Organic Social Media Campaigns

Social media is one of the best tools for B2C lead generation for small and large businesses. Create a content strategy for your social media platform for various content types to make the most of it. Provide quality content through your posts. Write a compelling copy and share tips and guides with your visitors. Your prospects pay attention to the quality and helpful content and become obsessed with your brand. Furthermore, if they like your content, they will share it with their friends and family members, which can produce more leads.

Outbound B2C Lead Generation

Cold calling

This telemarketing strategy is a good lead generation tools. If done correctly, cold calling can convert more leads into customers. Effectual cold calling requires a great pitch and strong communication skills. Your lead generation team calls potential clients who have yet to be contacted by your company in the past.

Call your customer and talk to them about their problems and annoyances. Once they explain the issues, offer them your product. Cold calling is essential, so learn it to generate potential leads.

Cold Email Marketing

Cold email marketing is another excellent source of B2C lead generation. To get the most out of it, you can introduce a referral partner, which means you can partner with a company with an existing list of your prospects. While these leads won’t be the most attractive, the likelihood of conversion will still be higher than receiving random emails and sending cold emails.

You can set some terms and conditions to compensate your partner. For example, you can pay the company a referral fee. Your list will be called a “cold email list.” Now, design a great email strategy and reach out to potential clients.

Social media outreach

Since your goal is to reach your ideal customer through B2C lead generation, social media is the best place to monitor your customer’s behavior and create a customized strategy according to their preferences. First, identify which platform your target audience spends the most time on. Next, work on your content strategy for that specific platform. Dig deep into analytics to understand customer behavior, and once you create reasonable engagement rates, reach out to them personally to help them in their buying journey.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for generating quality leads. Recently, they launched a new feature called LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads, similar to Facebook’s Messenger Ads, which allows brands to send personalized message ads to their contact list. Other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, etc., can also help you generate leads. You should include these platforms in your lead generation strategy.

4 challenges of B2C lead generation

Marketers need consistency, innovative work, and a proven strategy to succeed in lead generation. Below is the challenges marketers often face during the B2C lead generation process.

Unattractive ads and offers

Designing ads that convert takes a lot of practice, passion, and creativity. Unattractive and irrelevant ads are a nuisance. They spoil your marketing campaigns.

Instead, make your ads engaging using quality images/videos, write compelling and engaging copy focused on consumer problems, and put a proper call-to-action button. Consumers are already bombarded with ads, and in such a case, any unattractive ad will not yield any return but rather waste time and money.

Irrelevant landing pages

Relevance always wins! Irrelevant landing pages with poor copy, slow speed, too many CTAs, long capture forms, etc., discourage potential customers from visiting your website. It would help if you had clean, attractive landing pages with engaging copywriting to make the best impression. Use a lead generation theme that is aligned with your product industry.

It is excellent to use customizable templates that are mobile-friendly and responsive. Mailmuch has a collection of over 100 easy-to-use and customizable templates. You can start creating your landing page in just a few minutes. Landing page templates are available in all industries. 

Incorrect use of forms

Excessive and incorrect use of forms irritates visitors, and they bounce off your website. Create a single clean, clear, concise condition on your landing page right after your product/service information ends. 

Confusing content

B2C companies generate three times as many leads with content, which is excellent! However, if you create irrelevant content, it drives your customers away. Not only will it distract new prospects, but it will discourage loyal customers. Create content that addresses the pain points of your target audience. 

Focus on various forms of content based on your target audience’s preferences. Spend time working on your content strategy, and you will notice a significant boost in your overall lead generation. You must deliver clear and valuable content across all platforms, including your website and social media pages.

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